Kingman Historic Theatre--Open for Business!

The weekend of August 1, 2, & 3, 2014, come see Planes: Fire & Rescue (2014).  

Dusty is in trouble.  His gearbox is failing and can't be replaced.  Will world-famous air racer Dusty find new purpose as he trains with the elite fleet to battle raging wildfires in historic Piston Peak National Park?  Come find out what happens to Dusty.  

Fresh buttered popcorn, ice cold soft drinks, and fun with the family await you this weekend at Kingman Historic Theatre.  

Kansas Water Vision Draft

Kansas Water Office (KWO) leaders will share the first draft of the 50-year Vision the week of July 7-11 on a statewide tour.   "We are looking forward to hearing from Kansans," said Secretary Jackie McClaskey. "The entire state is affected by what happens with our water, no matter what area of Kansas you live in."

Add Your Cellphone to the "No Call" List

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt's editorial on extending No Call coverage to cellphones can be viewed here.  

Or you can add your cellphone number to the No Call list by using the contact information below.