2015 Market & Financial Feasibility Analysis Kingman County, Kansas

The feasibility analysis by Place Dynamics for Kingman County and the cities of Kingman, Norwich, and Cunningham can be viewed by opening the attached file.

Kingman Historic Theatre

Sunday Showtime:  5:30 PM  

August 28, 29, 30   Shaun the Sheep Movie  PG  

Get ready for adventure as Shaun and the Sheep decide they need a day off from the farmer's strict schedule.   Their exploits turns to mayhem, and it looks like the end for them all.  If they work together, can disaster be averted?  Possibly. . .just possibly. 

Free movie sponsored by KANZA Bank--Friday night only.

Stop Movement Order for Poultry Events, Exhibitions, and Sales

All live poultry-related shows and events cancelled for the remainder of 2015.