Kingman Historic Theatre

Sunday movie showtime  returns to   7:30 PM.

March 27, 28, 29 -- Cinderella PG

"Have courage and be kind" were the final words Ella's dying mother whispered to her.  Young Ella lives that mantra even in the face of adversity.  When events look bleakest, a little magic, a pumpkin, rodents, and a glass slipper change the balance of power.  A "must see" with a stellar cast.

  • Cate Blanchett--Stepmother
  • Helena Bonham Carter--Fairy Godmother
  • Lily James--Cinderella
  • Richard Madden--Prince
  • Stellan Skarsgard--Grand Duke

Exhibit Tells Story of Army Medics from WWI to Present Day

Location:  Kingman County Historical Museum, 400 North Main Street, Kingman, Kansas

Starting:  April 2015

Beginning in April the Kingman Histroical Society Museum will present a new feature exhibit:  Richard Goldberg's, To Conserve the Fighting Strength--a look at military medical equipment from World War I to present day.

Fraudulent Email: Notice to Appear in Court

If you receive an email notifying you to appear in court:

  • Do NOT open the attachment.  This is a common ploy to infect computers with malware, worms, viruses and whatever additional trouble the crooked can devise to plague the honest.
  • Delete the email.   
  • The court system, like the IRS, does NOT notify people via email, telephone or FAX. 

Another email scam. . .