Kingman Historic Theatre

July 3 & 5 Jurassic World   PG-13

No movie on July 4--we will be at the All-American Family Fest!! Join us there. 

Isla Nublar is a theme-destination, world-class tourist attraction.  Even though the island with its classy hotels, theme parks and shopping malls is operating at full tourist capacity, Jurrasic World corporate wants more of those tourists buying tickets for their attraction.  A new breed of dinosaur is created to draw in the tourists.  But there is a major problem:  the new dinosaur cannot be contained. . . or controlled.  Disaster occurs.  Can the havoc be stopped?

2015 Kingman County & 4-H Fair Rules & Regulations

It's coming up fast so plan to exhibit and plan to attend. . .the Kingman County & 4-H Fair July 23-27, 2015.

Stop Movement Order for Poultry Events, Exhibitions, and Sales

All live poultry-related shows and events cancelled for the remainder of 2015.