Kingman Historic Theatre

Sunday--movie showtime at 5:00 PM for the winter.  

February 27, 28, March 1 movie -- Black or White PG-13 

Life is not black or white.  Much of it lies somewhere in between.  A custody battle over young Eloise Anderson pits two families against each other as they try to do what is right for the child they love.  Based on real events, the plot examines the characters’ deepest feelings about race and exposes the reality that nothing is as simple as black or white.  

4-H Club Day Postponed

Due to the weather, 4-H Club Day has been postponed.  It is rescheduled for March 7, 2015, at Kingman Elementary & Middle School.  

Fraudulent Email: Notice to Appear in Court

If you receive an email notifying you to appear in court:

  • Do NOT open the attachment.  This is a common ploy to infect your computer with malware.
  • Delete the email.   
  • The court system, like the IRS, does NOT notify people via email, telephone or FAX.