Kingman-A Great Place to Land

The City of Kingman is the County Seat and its population center. The City of Kingman’s walkable downtown district features exciting dining, shopping, entertainment experiences, and six buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. The City recently completed a 20-year comprehensive development plan outlining goals and objectives for its continued vitality. A new master park plan focuses on enriching and expanding the quality of life and place in Kingman. You can also stay up to date with Kingman on their website and on Facebook.


The City of Norwich is in the southeast part of the county and with a population hovering around 500 is also home to one of the country’s largest employers. Norwich also maintains grass airstrips at its airport and is conveniently located on State Highway 42. Its rural moniker has not prevented it from thriving. Norwich’s Main Street can boast that its buildings are at full capacity. Norwich also hosts Main Street Drags, a popular car show a drag racing event held in April. You can also stay up to date with Norwich on their website and on Facebook.


The City of Cunningham is located east of Pratt and is a popular stopping point on US Highway 54/400 because of its easy access to fuel and food. The town has recently experienced a resurgence that in 2018 saw more new homes constructed per capital than much of the balance of the state. You can also stay up to date with Cunningham on their website and on Facebook.


Zenda is home to 90 residents. But don’t let the size fool you, Zenda is home to the renowned Lumberyard Restaurant. The restaurant was in fact a lumberyard that operated from 1902 to 1991. Zenda is also home to the Zenda Jail, a popular photo opportunity in this small rural community. For more information about Zenda, visit the Kingman County Website 


Nashville is located in the southwest corner of the county. It’s home to 41 active residents who have recently made significant improvements to the community located on Highway 42. For more information about Nashville, visit the Kingman County Website


Spivey is home to several oil and gas firms and 31 residents. It’s located at on Highway 42, just west of Highway 14. Spivey is also near the Chikaskia River. For more information on Spivey, visit the Kingman County Website 


While the US Census estimated population of Penalosa, KS was 2, the population is at least double. Penalosa is the county’s smallest incorporated city. Penalosa is located near popular hunting grounds and the Kingman State Lake. For more information on Penalosa, visit the Kingman County Website 


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