Dilapidated Structure Abatement Program

Kingman County has established a Dilapidated Structure Abatement Program to remove sources of blight from Kingman County, improve the appearance, and encourage development on clean, shovel-ready sites. 

The abatement program will allocate $40,000.00 per year in grants to commercial and residential property owners located within the county. The maximum grant is $2000.00 funded jointly by the County and the City where the project is located. Kingman County Landfill fees may be reduced for applicants pending prior approval. Properties located in Cunningham, Kingman, Nashville, Norwich, Spivey, and Zenda will be approved by the Economic Development Director or their respective City Commission/Council. Unincorporated areas, municipalities, and Penalosa properties will be approved by the Economic Development Director or the County Commission. 

Grant applications are accepted until funds are exhausted. Approval is based on the condition of the structure and visual impact. Approval is required before work begins. Applicants must be current on all property tax. This is a reimbursement grant and funds will be dispersed upon completion of the project.

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